Terms of Service

Last updated August 2, 2021

As a Thematic, Inc (“Thematic”) user, we are excited to have you participate in the affiliate program (“Program”) with Rewardful, Inc. (“Rewardful”). In order to participate in the Program, and by opting into the Program via the Thematic service, there are a few guidelines that you must agree to and follow. These guidelines, and adherence to Rewardful’s Terms of Service (found here https://friends.getrewardful.com/terms and here https://www.getrewardful.com/terms) allow the Rewardful Program and the relationship with our affiliates and between the affiliate and you and your peers to run smoothly and fairly. Here are the basics:

First, self-referrals are never allowed (i.e. signing up for Rewardful through your own affiliate link). Also, abuse, gaming, or attempting to mislead (i.e. posting fake discounts to coupon-sharing websites) is prohibited and will result in your account being permanently banned by Rewardful. In certain cases, Rewardful may give credit to an affiliate like you even if the customer did not sign up through an affiliate link or coupon code. If you have a case like this, please contact Rewardful directly and they will do their best to help you assure you receive any consideration coming to you.

In addition, search engine ads (especially on branded terms or domain names), Facebook ads or other ads that would compete with Rewardful’s own marketing and cause potential confusion for customers are also strictly prohibited. For example, you should not utilize any Facebook ads that link to Rewardful’s website or anything similar that would compete with Rewardful’s own paid marketing programs on such platforms or elsewhere, and increase Rewardful’s costs and potentially cause confusion between prospective new customers and the origin of the opportunity being presented. Impersonation or pretending to be acting on behalf of Rewardful (i.e. as an employee) is also not allowed. Pursuant to Rewardful’s current Terms of Service and any Program guidelines found on the Rewardful website and/or in their communications provided to you, you must have a valid Pay Pal account to participate in the Program, with commissions being generally paid by Rewardful to you monthly, on or about the first of every calendar month, directly to your Pay Pal account at such time as the total amount due you for any monies earned is equal to or exceeds fifty dollars ($50 USD) in any calendar month.

To assure the integrity of Rewardful’s programs, commissions generated by mechanisms that are in violation of Rewardful’s Terms of Service will not be paid or owed, and opting into or otherwise participating in the Rewardful affiliate program through Thematic, you at all times agree to be bound to Rewardful’s such Terms of Service and agree and acknowledge that Rewardful reserves the right to change these Terms of Service for its affiliate programs and website use generally at any time and for any reason. Further, you understand and agree that Rewardful reserves the right to terminate your affiliate account for any violation of these guidelines and the Terms of Service at Rewardful’s sole discretion.

Finally, you agree that Thematic is providing this affiliate opportunity for your benefit and your contractual relationship for this specific affiliate program shall be at all times with Rewardful directly and not Thematic, and, by participating in the Rewardful affiliate program through Thematic, you waive any claims against Thematic related to the affiliate program, and you agree to make no claims against Thematic for any conflict with, breach of contract by, or other disagreement you may have with, Rewardful.

Updated 6-7-2021